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Zoran Marošan


Faculty of Medicine, Department of General Medicine Subjects


Phone: 021420678

ORCID ID : 0000-0002-0259-8355

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Faculty of Medicine Novi Sad

English language



Faculty of Philosophy Novi Sad




Faculty of Philosophy Novi Sad

English language and literature

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Marković, Vuk & Marošan, Zoran: Phonological Problems in the Acquisition of English Medical Terms. Paper presented at the International Conference 2nd Belgrade International Meeting of English Phoneticians (BIMEP 2010), held at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, March 24-25, 2010. Printed in an excerpt in BIMEP 2010 – Book of Abstracts. Belgrade: Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. P. 13.

51 (medicinske nauke), 23 (humanističke nauke)

Marković V, Marošan Z.: The Analysis of Language Competence and Students` Needs in Teaching English for Medical Purposes to Students of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Care. Medicinski pregled, 1-2 DLV SLD, Novi Sad. 2011. ISSN 0025-8105, p. 21-24.

24 (medicinske nauke), 23 (humanističke nauke)

Marosan Z, Marković V: Typical Errors in Pronouncing Medical English Terminology Made by First and Second Year Students of Medicine at the Medical School of Novi Sad University. Medicinski pregled, 11-12, DLV SLD, Novi Sad. 2010. ISSN 0025-8105, p. 763-766

51 (medicinske nauke), 23 (humanističke nauke)

Marošan Zoran, Marković, Vuk: Instrumental and Integrative Motivation in Teaching English for Medical Purposes, Medicinski pregled, 2019; LXXII (3-4): 98-104. Novi Sad: March-April.

51 (medicinske nauke), 23 (humanističke nauke)

Đokić S, Brkić-Jovanović N, Marošan Z, Marković V. Analysis of academic self-efficacy of medical students learning English for specific purposes. Medicinski pregled. 2021; LXXIV (3-4): 74-82. DOI: 10.2298/MPNS2104074D.


Marošan Z: English for Medical Students - A Collection of Texts and Exercises, 1st ed. Novi Sad, Ortomedics, 2008.


Marošan Z: English for Pharmaceutical Students, 1st ed - A Collection of Texts and Exercises. Novi Sad, Ortomedics, 2008.

Course Studies

English Language I

Integrated academic studies in medicine

English Language I

Integrated academic studies in dentistry

English Language I

Integrated academic studies in Pharmacy

English Language

Master academic studies in Nursing, Special rehabilitation and Medical rehabilitation