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Arsen Uvelin

Associate Professor

Clinical Center Vojvodina, Clinic of Anesthesia and Intensive Care


Phone: 0214843127

ORCID ID : 0000-0002-5930-0089

Academic career Year Institution Field

Status Acquired


Faculty of Medicine Novi Sad

Anaesthesiology and reanimation



Faculty of Medicine Novi Sad

Anaesthesiology and intensive care



Faculty of Medicine Novi Sad

Anaesthesiology and reanimation



Faculty of Medicine Novi Sad

General Medicine

M Description


Uvelin A, Pejaković J, Mijatović V. Acquired prolongation of QT interval as a risk factor for torsade de pointes ventricular tachycardia: a narrative review for the anesthesiologist and intensivist. Journal of anesthesia 2017;31(3):413-423.


Mihajlović D, Brkić S, Uvelin A, Drašković B, Vrsajkov V. Use of presepsin and procalcitonin for prediction of SeptiFast results in critically ill patients. Journal of Critical Care 2017;40:197-201.


Vicković S, Pjević M, Uvelin A, Pap D, Nikolić D, Lalić I. Magnesium Sulfate as An Adjuvant to Anesthesia in Patients with Arterial Hypertension. Acta Clinica Croatica 2016;55(3):490-6.


Vrsajkov V, Kolak R, Uramm – Benka A, Uvelin A, Kiselički J. Anesthesia, complications and clinical outcome for ruptured intracranial aneurysms: a retrospective comparison between endovascular coiling and neurosurgical clipping. Turk J Med Sci. 2012;42(3):477-83.


Vrsajkov V, Jovanović G, Stanisavljević S, Uvelin A, Pantić Vrsajkov J. Clinical and predictive significance of hyponatremia after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. Balkan Med J 2012;29: 243-6.


Uvelin A, Hajduković D, Vrsajkov V, Kolak R, Lazukić A, Vicković S, Gojković Z. A case of reccurent arrhythmia in an acute pancreatitis patient-pathophysiological explanation using shortage of „repolarization reserve“. Acta Clinica Croatica 2013;52:515-22.


Mijatović V, Samojlik I, Petković S, Uvelin A, Dickov A, Popov T, Pejaković J. Consequences of cardiac toxicity in patients on low dose methadone doses during methadone maintenance therapy. Heroin Addict Relat Clin Probl 2015;17(1):73-8.


Ikonić N, Uvelin A, Hajduković D, Kolak R, Jokić-Divljak D. Are we underestimating the frequency of malpositioned central venous catheters inserted via the left internal jugular vein? A case report and short review of literature. Cent Eur J Med. 2011;6(1):45-8.


Uvelin A, Kolak R, Vrsajkov V, Hajduković D, Perčić I. True hyperkalaemia or pseudohyperkalaemia in a trauma patient after nephrectomy-differential diagnosis algorithm. HealthMed 2012;6:2134-9.

Course Studies


Integrated Academic Studies in Medicine

Anaesthesia with perioperative medicine

Integrated Academic Studies in Dentistry